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Lurnea High School





Lurnea High School is a comprehensive, co-educational secondary school located in the city of Liverpool. Students come from over 38 language backgrounds with 67% of students identifying as language background other than English (LBOTE). The schools’ motto “Together We Achieve” highlights the way staff, students, parents and the wider community work in partnership for improved educational outcomes and life opportunities for every student. The school is inclusive of all learners and all activities are underpinned by strong, shared values of respect, responsibility, fairness, tolerance and understanding. Additional features of the school include the Support Unit for students with mild, moderate and autism intellectual needs and an Intensive English Centre catering for newly arrived migrants and refugees. The school aims to support students to be confident, creative participants in the academic, sporting, cultural and creative learning experiences provided and to be resilient, optimistic citizens and contributors to the world beyond the school gates.

The school has a teaching staff consisting of 73 classroom teachers – 51% are New Scheme and Early Career teachers; 37% have five to ten years' experience and 29% have ten years or more experience. The school has an administrative staff and support staff of 30. The executive staff comprise 18 including Head Teachers and Senior Executive. Five executive positions have been funded through the Equity loading model in 2014.

Lurnea High School has many unique and special features including: a fully staffed Learning Centre for senior students; a free after-school Homework Centre (2 days per week) and a Refugee Homework Centre; refurbished Science Laboratories; a commercial kitchen; a newly developed café  - Café Platypus - where students trained in Barista services operate and manage the facility; 30 Smart boards and 2 connected classrooms; a digital photography lab; Multimedia resource room and a Metals & Engineering facility. In 2014 a small recording studio and Stage 5 Small Engines course were established.

The school began operation of a dance studio and fitness centre for all students in 2013.The school has resourced a Quality Teaching room which is used by the Teaching and Learning Team to host demonstration lessons, run connected classroom activities and a range of professional learning modules for staff using ClickView, Blog Ed, Adobe Connect and other interactive technologies for teaching.

In 2012, the school began a new chapter in its educational journey with a new three year School Plan which provided the strategic direction and priority areas of all school operations. The core priority areas include:

  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Student Engagement and Attainment
  • Leadership and Management
  • Curriculum and Assessment

The school is also part of a community of schools known as the Kurrajong Learning Community. This network of schools consists of four primary schools - Lurnea, Dalmeny, Casula and Prestons Public Schools and one other secondary school - Casula High School. Together the schools share an annual professional learning program called T2T (Teacher2Teacher). Over a two week period in term 2, teachers from each of the schools nominate to lead a range of workshops and demonstrations from which other teachers attend. This is an exciting and dynamic program that highlights the shared belief that all schools have in supporting the growth and development of teachers through collective action.

In 2013, the school received transitional Equity funding as well as a second year round of the federally funded Low SES National Partnership (2012 – 2013). These funds supported a range of initiatives such as additional executive and non–teaching positions, the middle years "Teaching Teams" strategy, a range of student engagement and extra-curricular programs and the school-wide professional learning program in Focus on Reading.

Additional literacy and numeracy resources as well as the provision of targeted professional learning aimed at closing any achievement gaps for students are features of the way teachers work at Lurnea High School. Once the new federal and state funding formula is clarified, it is the school's intention to continue these targeted programs to support the continued improved outcomes of every student and the continued growth of every teacher.